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March 2018:

The list of countries in which Mission International is serving:

Please pray for our Partners in each of these countries.

  • Burundi – Rema Burundi (Theo)
  • Ghana – Word International (Pastor Peter)
  • D.R. Congo – (Pastor Jean/John)
  • Ethiopia – (Pastor Kelil)
  • Haiti – Trinity Church (Pastor Rolex)
  • India –
  • Kenya – People for Jesus Ministry (Pastor Tom)
  • Malawi – Glory of God in Jesus (Pastor Elton)
  • Mozambique – (See Malawi)
  • Myanmar (Burma) Hope Outreach Ministry (Pastor Tun)
  • Pakistan – Details withheld
  • Peru – Quinua (Max  & Raquel)
  • Rwanda – The Province of the Anglican Church of Rwanda (Bishop Nathan)
  • The Philippines – (Pastor Pat)
  • Tanzania – Free Methodist Church of Tanzania (Pastor Yesse)
  • Uganda – (Various partners: Pastor Emmanuel, Pastor Sam, Pastor Peter)

August 2016:

Please pray for the further development of the many projects Mission International supports in 14 different countries: (More details can be found under ‘Projects’ on the main menu).

  1. Burundi
  2. Ghana
  3. D.R. Congo
  4. Haiti
  5. India
  6. Kenya
  7. Malawi
  8. Myanmar (Burma)
  9. Pakistan
  10. Peru
  11. Rwanda
  12. The Philippines
  13. Tanzania
  14. Uganda

Please pray for our mission teams going out this Autumn:

Burundi: A mission medics team of five members will travel to Burundi in September to deliver dental and medical support via our partners (Rema Ministries) in Nyembuye a small rural medical centre in the Matana Province. Please pray in particular that political unrest in Burundi settles down and peace returns to this beautiful country.
Burundi Sunrise

Haiti: A team of eight members will travel to Ouanaminthe, Haiti during October to serve the church there and to help with the development of ‘The Haiti Project’ a multi-purpose building in the centre of the city.  Haiti is struggling to recover from many years of poverty and the damage caused by the January 2010 earthquake. More information here:

May 2016:

Kenya: A team of 8 people travel to Kenya serving in Nairobi, Narok and Kisumu with our Partners in Kenya, People for Jesus Ministry.

November 2015

  • Pray for the Sound of Wales concert on 28th which will support the BIG meal 2015 project.
  • Pray also for the partnership with Music4Mission and the Simon Kennedy Band.  Sales of their album will support the work of Mission International’s Mighty Meals project.
  • Please continue to pray for the ongoing troubles in Burundi.  There have been many killings and many injuries.  around 200000 refugees have left for Tanzania and Rema Ministries team members struggle to cope with their duties and work.
  • Thank God for a peaceful election in Myanmar, we pray that it continues on to a safe democracy.
  • We were delighted to have a visit from Raquel and Max from Quinua in Peru during November.  We pray their work will be blessed and that MI can be more fruitfully involved with them.
  • Pray for the many C of S Guilds that MI staff and volunteers are visiting to share the work of the Haiti Project.  Pray that the support for this project will be sufficient to complete it.
  • Our recent trustees meeting was successful and during this we saw some new developments for the work overall.

October 2015


Pray for Mission International partners Rema Ministries as they try to cope with the political unrest in Burundi.  Their desire is to bering reconciliation amongst the two main ethnic Hutu and Tutsi groups and to support and help refugees from and refugee returnees to Burundi.

DR Congo:

The Democratic Republic of Congo has been entrenched in civil war for many years.  In recent years MI partners Pastor John Paul Munganga has languished in a Ugandan refugee camp with his family and many of his church members. Their desire is to return home, however their area is in rebel hands and so it is too dangerous to return.  Please pray that hostilities end and that this family and the many refugees in Uganda can return home again.


MI partners Word International serves in Zuarungu near Bolgantanga in the NE of Ghana.  This area has a high proportion of Moslems who live peaceably with their Christian neighbours.  Please pray that the community remains peaceful and that the Gospel reach the moslems as well as the many who remain bound by Animism.


It has now been over en years since the huge earthquake that destroyed ver 1 million homes and took the lives of 200,000 people in the capital Port au Prince.  MI partners in Ouanaminthe (Wan-a-minth) tell of the many who have fled the capital putting pressure on over areas of the country.  Haiti remains the poorest country in the western hemisphere hose people are bound by Voodoo.  Please pray for Trinity Church of Jerusalem (MI partners) who struggle in the poverty to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to their very needy community.


Malawi is experiencing great poverty due to drought and due to flooding.  MI partners eek to share the Gospel, teach leaders and provide for the very needy in Malawi, Mozambique and in Zambia.  Pray that God opens doors of provision for them and that Pastor Elton’s health and that of his family is improved.

Myanmar: (Burma)

The severe weather conditions which have caused great devastation on parts of Myanmar are allowing God’s people to show His love to those in the greatest need.  Flooding and landslides have caused many to lose their homes and their crops causing widespread hunger and disease.   Please pray that Pastor Lin is able to cope under the times strain due to his own lack of resources and that of the church he leads.


Christians in Pakistan are often despised and are prevented from getting jobs and education due to their Christian faith, their girls are often kidnapped and forcibly converted to Islam and are abused if they try to convert back again.  Please pray for MI partners in Pakistan who seek to serve God in very difficult circumstances struggling with poverty and living in suspicion from there neighbours.

The Philippines:

Those living in Roxas City on Panay Island saw great devastation during Typhoon Yolanda with ’90% of the houses destroyed’.  MI partner Pastor Pat Martinez serves this community as it continues to rebuild after their great loss in terms of lost lives, homes and livelihoods.  Please pray that he and his church are able to faithfully share the Gospel and see many positively respond to God offer of salvation.


MI partners the Free Methodist Church of Tanzania are actively seeking to train church leaders across this vast country.  Tanzania has a strong Moslem community who live peaceably with their Christian neighbours.  Please pray for Superintendent Rev. Yesse Mlongecha and his team as they seek to teach God’s Word and as they invite western missionaries to come to help them in their endeavours.


Arua Community Church pastored by John Paul Kiberu lies in the West Nile region of Northern Uganda.  The area has many challenges ne of which is the many refugees from conflict in S. Sudan and DR Congo.  Please pray that amongst al of the troubles which he and his church facethat God will strengthen and support their work in sharing the Gospel and serving this very needy community.

The BIG meal:

Mission International funds the feeding of thousands of Children on Christmas Day in all 13 countries in which we are involved.  These children often living in countries where the Gospel is restricted hear the Christmas story through songs, dramas and story telling and are also provided with a slap up meal.

August 2015

Mission International is partnering with the Church of Scotland Guild to fund out Haiti Project.  Currently Mission International will be presenting at over 90 Guilds Scotland wide.  Please pray for us as we travel and as we share the exciting Haiti Project with those who will fund raise for us.

Volunteers required! – Please pray that we find suitable people to help us in the Mission International HQ office.  If you know of anyone who lives nearby and would like to offer their services then please get in touch with us.

A wedding in November: Nelson Kabanda and his bride to be, Florence, are making ready for their wedding day on Saturday 21st November 2015.  Nelson was rescued after being left for dead after a road accident near Mukono in Uganda many years ago.   He is now working as a chartered accountant with a multi-national security company in Kampala.  We wish them both well on their wedding day.

April 2015

Mission International Trustees:

Vince Guz, a long standing trustee stepped down at the AGM held at the end of March 2015 to make way for younger people to take up a place on the board.   We are grateful to Vince and the hard work he has done as a trustee and for the teams and project work already underway in Ghana and Malawi as a direct result of his involvement.  Vince will continue to be involved in his work with Mission Internatioal for which we are very glad.

Please continue to pray for the Trustees Board so that Mission International can continue to grow and develop effectively under their guidance.

Disabled children:

Please pray for a group of 23 disabled children who are in need of a lot of help.   The children all (except two) are full orphans and 15 of the 23 are in need of wheelchairs (they currently do not have wheelchairs).  Please pray for their carers too who struggle to find food, clothes and medical care and other necessities. Some of the children are in need of quite major surgery to correct physical problems, however the cost of these surgeries are beyond their means.

Summer travel:

A number of Mission International staff and volunteers will be travelling in Africa and the Caribbean over the summer months.   Please pray that they will all remain safe.

Funding sources:

Please pray that God opens up doors of opportunity for us in terms of funding for the various projects we are supporting right now.  Also pray that funding for the maintenance and development of the organisation will be forthcomiong too.

Mission International Partners: (more details on each partner can be found under projects on the main menu).

Please pray for our partners as follows:

  1. Uganda:
    • ARMs (Africa Renewal Ministries)
    • BMPPS (Bweyogrere Multi-Purpose Primary School)
    • PCM (Parental Care Ministries)
    • Arua CC (Arua Community Church)
    • Father’s Heart Mobility Ministry
    • RUHU (Raising Up Hope for Uganda)
  2. EAR (Anglican Church of Rwanda -Cyangugu diocese)
  3. PFJM (People for Jesus Ministry)
    • Kenya
    • Tanzania
  4. Rema Ministries – Burundi
  5. Word International – Ghana
  6. TCOJ (Trinity Church of Jerusalem – Haiti)
  7. India:
    • IVM (India Village Ministries)
    • AGWA (Abundant Grace Welfare Association)
  8. GOGIJ – Malawi (Glory of God in Jesus)
  9. MOJ – Mountain of Jesus
  10. Quinua – Peru
  11. Panay AOG – Philippines
  12. Free Methodist Church – Tanzania

January 2015

Eunice Opiyo, Pastor Tom’s wife, has been ill since the birth of their son in November 2014. We pray that God heals her and that she and the baby remain well into the future.

Update: 23.1.2015 There has been some improvement is Eunice Opiyo’s condition, please continue to pray for her total healing.

Mission International office:
Please pray for those who serve in the MI office.  We are also seeking volunteers to help with administration and fundraising etc.
Haiti 5 years on:
On January 12th 2010 Haiti experienced a severe earthquake west of the capital Port-Au-Prince where some estimates put the death toll at over 160,000 people.  Now we are 5 years on from this disaster and Haiti is still trying to recover from its aftermath.   Please pray for Haiti which remains very poor.   Mission International is partnering with Trinity Church of Jerusalem in Ouanaminthe as we endeavour to develop a multi-purpose community project in the city centre.
Mission International teams:
We plan to run a number of teams (Mission Teams, Mission Medics Teams and School Teams) during 2015.   Please pray with us regarding recruitment and for those who will be directly involved in the countries the teas will be deployed.
Please pray for Burundi on the run up to and the duration and aftermath of presidential elections due to be held in May 2015.   Historically this has been a time turmoil and violence, however recent elections have been relatively calm.   We pray that Burundi will remain calm and will not return to the dark days of violence experienced in the last few decades.
January 2015: Please pray for Elizabeth, the wife of our chairman of trustees who recently suffered a stroke and is in hospital   We pray that God will heal her and that the family will be comforted during this difficult time.
January 2015: severe flooding has affected up to 45000 people in the Chikwawa area where Mission International partners Pastor Elton & Mary Mukarangeya live and serve. People have lost everything, their homes, their belongings and their fields of crops. We pray God will stand with them and help them in their time of need and that we will be able to find ways of helping provide some of the basic essentials like plastic sheeting for temporary shelter. Please visit our Donate Now link and choose the Malawi Projects button to offer any financial help that you can. To find out more information click here!

Update: 23.1.2015 An estimated 400,000 people have been displaced in southern Malawi due to storms and flooding.   Mission International is receiving daily requests for help.