The BIG meal is served on Christmas Day each year to feed needy children who otherwise would remain hungry on this special day!   Please consider donating £3.00 per child to make sure we can help many needy children inTEN countries enjoy a special meal on Christmas Day!
Countries where the BIG meal will be served on Christmas Day 2012:
  1. Burundi
  2. DR Congo
  3. Ghana
  4. Haiti
  5. India
  6. Kenya
  7. Pakistan
  8. Rwanda
  9. Tanzania
  10. Uganda
  11. Malawi (added at last minute).
Here are some photos from the BIG meal 2012:
Message from  Pastor Elton Mukarangeya, Glory of God in Jesus, MalawiWe had a nice meal and all children are indeed needy … clothes they are wearing were donated by our church members to help each kid with clothes as their Christmas gift…kids were dancing when i told them that they have a BIG meal … and stories about Jesus birth….thank you for helping kids in Malawi.  I told them that this meal come from Scotland through MI and they say greeting to MI.
Message from Pastor Seelam of AGWA India: I am very much honoured to report to you about our BIG MEAL to the tribal Children. We fed 389 children with the bowl of rice, Brayani, Spicy Chicken, Sweet, banana. Children were blessed to have special meal. Some of them never tested this type in their life. We are very much grateful to you for supporting these poor children to taste special food in their life. Each one are grateful to you for your concern on them. Please pray for them we would like to start Day Care Centres for these little ones. 


Message from Pastor Tom Opiyo, People for Jesus International Ministries, Kenya: Greetings in the name of the New Born King of kings that we commemorate His birth, the Lord Jesus Christ.  It was wonderful Big Mealcelebration in Narok town Church, Olooltoto Narok Church, Kisumu Church and in Tanzania Church.


Message from Bishop Nathan Amooti of EAR Cyangugu: We had a wonderful time with kids for Christmas. They were hundreds of kids from simple backgrounds…

They ate, drink and played all sorts of games including dancing.

Message from Pastor Tom Opiyo of People For Jesus International Ministries: Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Thank you once again for your generous support for the Big Meal.  We were able to feed many children in Tanzania.  May God bless you.


A message from Pastor Peter Awane of the JoyCom Foundation: Thank you for the provision for these kids to have such a wonderful BIG meal and party. It was all joy and happiness. Though you don’t hear their thank you voice it is heard by our God who is good all time. We pray God blessing upon you and all mission international.  Thank you for remembering these KIDS and of Ghana…


Message from Pastor Leonard Tuyishimire of the Hope Centre, Burundi: It is good to let you how much we were happy during Christmas …there was wonderful joy and ambiance for the kids in the Hope Centre  Thank you for your help.
DR Congo:

Due to the war in DR Congo our partners were forced to flee the country for a refugee camp in Uganda with many of their countrymen.   We initially though that the DR Congo BIG meal would not go ahead, however 200 kids were invited to come from within the camp (500 turned up) all were provided with a much appreciated and enjoyed BIG meal.