Your working but now redundant technology can benefit a developing community.   With newer models appearing for sale almost weekly it is likely that you will have a piece of working technology that you no longer need or use.   Mission International can make good use of these in schools and other establishments around the world.

raspberry pi advert

We can use the following:

  • Laptops/netbooks
  • Tablet computers
  • PCs
  • PA systems
  • Digital projectors
  • Mobile phones
  • Digital cameras
  • Memory sticks
  • Calculators


flat screen computer monitors wanted 2

Can you donate a used flat screen monitor. If so send it to Mission International, Swan House, Explorer Road, Dundee, DD2 1GB, Scotland.

We can also use science equipment:

School science equipment

  •  Microscopes
  • Vandergraphs
  • Bunsen burners
  • Stands
  • Hoses
  • Blood pressure gauges
  • Centrifuges
  • All school and lab items

A donated microscope which will be sent to a school or medical lab.


Please get in touch with us is you have any items you would like to donate.  You can sent items directly to our office, the address details you will find on our contact page:

A school in NE Ghana received netbooks which will really benefit all of the pupils



A school in rural Kenya received PCs carried by a team from the UK



Students receive a laptop to help with their studies.

nelson with his laptop (2)