Sending a container of useful goods, like tools and equipment can be extremely helpful to a project in the developing world.   Young men and women, even when they can find a way to gain training, cannot find the funds to purchase the tools they need to further careers.

Mission International’s Container Relief allows us to gather donated goods here in the UK which can be used to provide the start-up kit required to allow a young person to gain the experience they need and develop their skills and long term prospects.

Current Container Project:

Mission International is planning to send a container to Africa in 2018, please consider making a donation for the purchase and shipping of this container.

A truck with goods arriving in Africa:

Truck 1

A container being packed in the UK:

container 2

Boxes being unloaded in Africa:

Container 1

Please get in touch with us if you have trades tools and equipment or any medical/dental equipment which could be shipped to a needy community project.