Living Waters Clinic was set up and funded by Capstone Projects a Dundee based charity.  Mission International team members also take part in the work of Living Waters.  Medical personnel visit the project to assist and serve alongside the local Uganda staff, bringing much needed support to the local community.


Team activities:

Team members will be involved in support to the local medics as they treat patients in the clinic located in Lugazi. The local medical staff also run outreach services to a number of local village communities where there is no medical cover.  The outreach delivers much needed medical services an well as training in good health practices for the communities involved.


Since HIV/AIDS is still a huge problem in rural Uganda, quite a lot of time is spent educating this often illiterate, poor and needy community in ways in which they can prevent HIV infection for themselves and their families, as well as treating those who have HIV/AIDS in a number f ways including the provision of Antiretrovirals.

The Clinic:

This clinic is a real life-line, in every sense of the word, to the communities it serves. On-going financial, practical and personnel support is vital if it is to continue to serve the nearby communities.

Can you help?

Please consider financially supporting the clinic and the team members as they go to help those in great need.

To find ways that you can give to help Mission International and our teams as they go, please visit our Giving Page.


Thank you for supporting the work of Mission International