Myanmar has come to our western TV screens in recent years due to the so called Rohingya Crisis in Rakhine State which lies on her western border with Bangladesh. Military versus rebel engagement in that region has caused many refugees to seek safety in Bangladesh and elsewhere. Refugees, internally displaced people, are now seeking to escape from neighbouring states too, like Chin State to the north of Rakhine.

Mission International in Myanmar:

Mission International currently partners with a local group in Myanmar to try to bring help to those in need. Our partners in Myanmar seek to bring much needed food rations to those fleeing the troubles as well as seeking to comfort and help those who have lost everything.

The Hope Children’s Home:

Currently our Partner in Myanmar is supporting a number of orphaned children as well as his own family and relatives. The very extended family currently lives in a very small rented house in a poor suburb of the capital, Yangon. The accommodation is unsuitable, however their income does not allow for them to be able to find a more suitable place to live.

Mission International is now seeking supporters to raise £10,000 to fund the construction of a better home for the family and the orphans together.

Thank you!

Thank you to all those who contributed to this project. The construction of the Hope Children’s home is now complete.

There are on-going costs for maintenance for which we still require some funding.