£3.00 feeds a child on Christmas Day.

Your Christmas gift to a needy child!

Please consider supporting the BIG meal 2013 by making a donation of £3.00 per child!   Your gift will make sure a needy, hungry child will be blessed by receiving a tasty, filling and nourishing meal on Christmas Day.   To make a donation click on the Give.net button above.
What difference does it make?
Needy children, born into poverty discover a powerful message through the BIG meal and that is that somebody cares!   You can demonstrate how much you care about their Christmas happiness by donating to the BIG meal.
Somebody Cares:
The BIG meal has grown over a number of years from something quite simple as we tried to bless some of the poorest children we had come in contact with during teams deployment.   Over the years it has developed with more structure and purpose.   Today our desire is to communicate something very special to needy and forgotten kids, and that is that somebody cares.   Can you imagine what message a child receives when they are gifted a special meal on Christmas Day from someone many thousands of miles away that they do not know.   “Out there someone cares” is a very satisfying truth for them to dwell on during times of real poverty and suffering.
The Christmas Story:

Local partners who manage and serve the BIG meal are also tasked to share the Christmas story with the children.   This wonderful story reinforces the message that ‘someone cares’ by informing them that the God of heaven cares for them and sent His Son, Jesus, into the world for them.

You can set up a fundraising page as you raise awareness of the BIG meal allowing those you share with to have the opportunity to give.   Donors can just make a one-off donation if they prefer.
A message from DR Congo:
We thank God for You so much for the Big Meal we had with orphans, children from poor families.   Really we had a good time where we had the Word of God.  Sister Cristelle Mudasumbwa and Brother Obed Manirakiza intervene in the Theme: A SON BORN TO US! they tried to give the story of the Birth of Jesus Christ, by a Virgin, by the Power of the Holy Spirit … One orphan came and felt sick. We prayed for Him and paid bills for Him fo treatment.  They celebrate the Birth of Jesus and sing their favourite song MAMBO SAWASAWA YESU AKIWA ENZINI: WHEN JESUS IS ON THE THRONE EVERYTHING IS FINE!…
They returned back home with hope, knowing that with the Birth of Jesus in their hearts they have a Saviour but also a GOD WHO WILL BE FOREVER WITH THEM to meet their needs and ready to help them.
A message from Rwanda:
Greetings from Rwanda especially from here in Cyangugu.
Today has been a special day for kids here in our Diocese, we have been feeding over 500 kids this morning. But before the feeding started as you know preachers, there was allot of preaching, repenting of our sins punctuated by allot of dances and finally the meal of the day.
A message from Malawi:
We thank God in Malawi for the Big meal 2013, we had a nice time as kids eat foods they never eat before.  We had many kids from 10 villages including many orphans, those who have no mum and Dad.   We had a nice time where kids listen teaching of the story of Jesus birth and memorise verses kids drink orange squash with eggs and lemon biscuits.  Due to heavy wind we was in a class room of Bwabwali primary school and kids playing football using Jesus birth story, our church distribute clothes to very needy kids as christmas gifts.  The BIG meal rice with meat and other slices and see things change in their lives.   There are big numbers of orphans and needy kids due to HIV/AIDS they have lost both parents.   We thank all at Mission International for the BIG meal.
A message from Haiti:
Greetings in the name of  our Lord Jesus Christ.   Please find attached the joyful pictures of the  BIG Meal party. May God continue to send his blessings on you, on Mission International and the people of Scotland.
A message from Kenya:
Greetings in Christ.  We had a wonderful and amazing BIG MEAL 2013 in Narok town, Kisumu church, Kajiado church, Olooltoto church and in the Tanzania Church.  It was truly the biggest we have ever had.  Thank you.  It was wonderful.   We really enjoyed it with a very big population of needy children whom we also gave many gifts.
A message from India:
We wish you Happy Christmas to you on behalf of our Pastors, Orphanage home and my family. We are very much grateful to you for the prayers as well as your support for our mission in India. We are greatly blessed of your blessings to us.
The BIG MEAL has been conducted in one of the tribal village called Seethayapeta, we were able to invite all the children of the village to a building where they can have a meal with hot spicy Chicken, Biryani, Vegetable curry, ice cream, white rice, samber and were given gifts of pens and pencils. These children were very much grateful to you for the love you have extended to them. They have never had this kind of food in their life. The BIG MEAL brought them joy to their hearts and filled their stomach as never before. We were able to feed the children who are unable walk, talk and who are blind. The day really blessed me.
From the bottom of my heart I am very much grateful to you for the support you have made to feed these poor children.
May the Lord Bless Mission International more abundantly than ever before. We are honoured to be your partners.

A message from Burundi:

Greetings from Burundi in Jesus name. I am sending you those photos of Christmas day. I want to thank you so much for the aid you sent to the children and everything you do to help us.   May the Lord bless you!
A message fromTanzania:
We deeply express our thanksgiving to Mission International for supporting People For Jesus Ministry (PFJM) Big Meal 2013.  It was a great time for children to hear the gospel, to receive gifts, present plays/poems/songs/testimonies, and adults who attended were also changed by God’s word.  Several people gave their lives to Christ in Tanzania Big Meal event.

A second very remote location in Tanzania also had the BIG meal this Christmas and as you can see they too had a wonderful time.   Children from Christian, Moslem and no religious background were provided with a BIG meal together.

A message from The Philippines:
We have served the meal for the kids and there were more than 200 kids who came. THANK YOU VERY MUCH MISSION INTERNATIONAL. 
A message from Ghana:
Hello all in mission International. On behalf of the Children, parents and community l say a big thank you for making us enjoy the Christmas. This year we were out into a village where 20 adults and some of their kids travel 3 kilometers on foot to church each Sunday for 1 and half years. The Lord spoke to us to send THE BIG MEAL their this year to help the many needy children there feel Christ Love. We ended up starting a Church there with over 30 members after the BIG MEAL!!. We are so grateful to you for the help you give us to expand God kingdom. It is our prayer that the Lord God will bless you and enable you reach out to us here in Ghana.
A message from Pakistan:

Greetings in precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ.   We are thanksgiving of Lord Jesus Christ for all the participation of Mission International for Big Meal, we don’t have actually much words for the thanks of all of you who contributing for meal for our needy, helpless, hopeless and rejected Christian children of Pakistan, we are just totally speechless, We are still in prayers Jesus give all of you success in every field of the life.

Pakistan is a most persecuted country for Christian people in all over the 3rd worlds, here Christian living a very laborious life, they are living under much persecution here, they don’t have the basic necessities of the life here, they are just under much slavery and darkness here.

Life is very hard for Christian nation here in a Non Christian nation. We are facing many trials and tribulations every day here, we are facing Muslim attacking here at our different small Christian communities, they are burning homes, attacking at our different churches and sending our young Christian men behind the prison.

We need your prayers and attention, we believe Mission International will stand with us in every condition and will continue his support for our needy and helpless Children, women and for other small and big projects and through Mission International our Christian communities will get a new life and they will not feel loneliness in this world.

Once again thanks all of you for your every contribution.   God bless all of you.

A message from Uganda:
Thank you for thinking of us and presenting a wonderful Christmas meal;  You are on Our mind!A street boy when He received a plate or rice and some meat He said “Oh Christmas is here”.