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Ambassadors for the Poor was set up as a result of a visit to Uganda by Mission International’s Director, Hugh Henderson, in 1989.   A young man, not considering his own very obvious needs, asked Hugh if he would become an ambassador for the poor when he returned to the UK.   This ‘call’ has become part of the very DNA of the organisation and is key to all that we do.

An ambassador seeks to represent those for whom s/he has been given responsibility and so from the time this request has been made of him, Hugh has made it a priority to serve the poor and to involve as many others as he can in the vision.

Your involvement:

There are small Ambassadors for the Poor groups around the UK who help to raise crucial funding for Mission International projects.   The task is as big or small as you feel able to handle and so it is open to anyone who wishes to become involved in Mission International fundraising efforts.

Fundraising page:

Mission International’s fundraising page provides some ideas for fundraising so please take a moment to have a look.

Apply to start an Ambassadors for the poor group in your area:

Please get in touch with us to begin the application process.

Become an Ambassador for the poor:

Ambassadors for the poor logo A1 choice


Please consider becoming a Mission International partner by joining our team of Ambassadors for the Poor, thus bringing ‘life support to needy communities around the world.

Joining with us prayerfully and financially as an Ambassador for the Poor partner allows you in partnership with Mission International to continue to develop the work to support those in need around the world.