Mission International partners with a local NGO in Myanmar seeking to support them in order to bring a benefit their own people. Myanmar is a very diverse nation with many people groups and numerous languages.

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Church Leaders Training:

The development and training of church pastors and leaders is at the forefront of the work of Mission International in Myanmar. Churches in rural and remote regions as well as those in more urban areas seek to share the Good News of Jesus Christ and help those in need around them. Mission International has been asked to help with training and to assist with projects which will help the needy as part of our partnership in Myanmar.

A church leaders training event taking place in Yangon, Myanmar.

There are still many church leaders across the country who are very hopeful that they can receive training by Mission International trainers. This provision of training however has a financial cost. Each conference where 30 leaders are trained costs £5000, which includes venue rental, transport, food and accommodation for the leaders who travel to a central location from their home churches.

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Hope Children’s Home – Myanmar:

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