Teams 2015:

4x4 teams


(The list of destinations for team deployment will be determined by their being adequate numbers to make the teams viable).

  1. Burundi
    • Mission Medics
    • Preaching/Teaching/Mission
  2. Ghana
    • Mission
  3. Haiti
    • Mission
  4. Rwanda
    • Mission
    • Mission Medics
  5. Uganda
    • School

Germany Opportunity:


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Full and detailed training will be given to team members in advance of deployment at our headquarters in Dundee, Scotland.  All team members are required to attend the complete training (usually carried out on a Saturday a few weeks before deployment).  Failure to attend the teams training day will exclude team members from their team deployment.  A training handbook will be provided to each candidate.


Team costs per person usually fall into the range £1500-£1900 for a 2-3 week deployment.

A detailed budget for the team will be set out in time for you to know the total cost of the team before you need to pay your deposit.  You will be provided with a copy of this so that you know what to expect.  Team costs vary from year to year as flight prices and accommodation costs change and will be different in the range of coutries we visit.


The team budget will include:

  • Flights from and return to UK departure airport.
  • Visa cost
  • Travel Insurance (please see insurance document under ‘insurance’).
  • Accommodation in country of deployment.
  • Food whilst on the team.
  • Water – 2 litres of bottled water per day per person.
  • Transport in country.
  • Project cost. (a contribution to the team’s project £100 minimum).
  • Mission International T-Shirt (one free T shirt is included in your team budget, let us know at sign up to order more Mission International team clothing).


The team budget will not include:

  • Transport to and from team training event.
  • Accommodation during team training event. (Free host accommodation may be available if organised in advance via Mission International office).
  • Transport to and from the UK departure airport.
  • Vaccinations, anti-malarials and certificates required.
  • Food and drinks in airports.
  • Recreation.
  • Spending money. (£50-£75 will be adequate)


Team payments are usually made in three instalments as follows:

  • Payment 1 – Deposit of around £100 (non returnable) this is paid to the travel agent to reserve a seat on the flight and is not returned to us if someone pulls out.
  • Payment 2 – The remainder of the flight costs is required a few months before travel or as the travel agent specifies.
  • Payment 3 – The team costs element of the total cost.   This pays for travel, accommodation, food, water and so on whilst the team is deployed in the country they are serving.   This is usually the largest chunk of the total costs and should be paid by the training day which takes place a few weeks before we travel.


Mission International needs to send deposits for accommodation and preparation funding out to our mission partners in advance of deployment hence we need final payments by the training day.

Details of the team budget and payments schedule will be presented to you in plenty of time to make the payments.   Please do discuss payments with us if you feel you are having difficulty making payments by these times, we can try to come to some arrangements with you to spread the cost if necessary.

Currently Mission International does not make any ‘profit’ from teams, any small amount of remaining funds left over at the end of a team’s deployment can be left in the country of deployment in agreement with Mission International staff.

Payments made by cheque: These should be made payable to ‘Mission International‘ and should be sent to:

Mission Teams (Team Name)

Mission International

Swan House

Explorer Road



Scotland UK

Payments made via the bank:

Dundee Business & Commercial

Lloyds TSB PLC

PO Box 1000


Pay to: Mission International

Sort Code: 30-25-87

Account Number: 00757364


Please make sure your details and the purpose of the payment is made clear.


Please also email us to let us know that you have made a payment.