The BIG meal:

The BIG meal has grown over a number of years from something quite simple as we tried to bless some of the poorest children we had come in contact with during teams deployment.   Over the years it has developed with a bit more structure and purpose.   Today our desire is to communicate something very special to needy and forgotten kids, and that is that somebody cares.   Can you imagine what message a child receives when they are gifted a special meal on Christmas Day from someone many thousands of miles away that they do not know.   “Out there someone cares” is a very satisfying truth for them to dwell on during times of real poverty and suffering.
Local partners who manage and serve the BIG meal are also tasked to share the Christmas story with the children.   This wonderful story reinforces the message that ‘someone cares’ by informing them that the God of heaven cares for them and sent His Son, Jesus, into the world for them.
Get involved:
You can share in the ‘someone cares’ message by raising funds for the BIG meal in your area.   During the year, in particular in the run up to Christmas (October to December) a fundraising activity designed to seek donations and support from your community will bring much joy and happiness to so many.   We can feed a child on Christmas Day for around £3.00 depending on the country.   Every £3.00 you raise will make it possible for another child to know a sense of love and care from far away.
You can set up a fundraising page as you raise awareness of the BIG meal allowing those you share with to have the opportunity to give.   Donors can just make a one-off donation if they prefer.