Micro Finance, as the name suggests, provides a small financial loan to an individual, a group or a community for them to develop an income generating project.   A loan of as little as £50 and up to £1000 can provide the much needed, yet out of reach, capital required to get a small business enterprise off the ground.


Micro-finance leaflet:


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Project Management:

Local Mission International partners manage these project loans which once repaid are used to fund another project.

To support Micro Finance projects on-line please visit our Give.net page here:

This sewing project in Burundi where women trained and provided with a sewing machine after which they work from their homes or in the local market:


Working from home allows more flexibility when women have young children to look after too:


A market stall provides a wider clientèle for the trader:


This project in India trains women and then provides them with a sewing machine so they can begin their business right after training:

India Sewing Project IVM

A loan to set up a small corner shop can make sure a whole family is provided for:

Micro finance shop

Small agriculture projects are useful in rural communities:

Micro finance agri 2 Micro finance agri 1

This Ghanaian lady was given £50 to buy bags of charcoal, she now sells it in small amounts at a profit which helps her feed her baby.


This girl was given £100 to start a livestock project

small project girl 2

This girl was given £100 to start a food service project

small project girl 1


Beads and basket making:

Display of necklaces

This small income generating project in Uganda was started with a small loan, now a high standard of product is being produced by this cooperative.