Mission International is asked often to help support some of the world’s poorest people as they experience illness and high cost medical fees. Of course each funding request is from an individual or their family and it is our hope to be able to help those via our local partners in Africa, Asia, Latina America and the Caribbean.

Current Medical Requests:

Mission International is unable to help everyone everywhere, but we can help somebody somewhere and so the purpose of this page is to help the reader to gain information on what is happening to help those in need and to provide a way that readers can help.

Baby ‘Miracle’.

Little baby Miracle was born in Burundi with a condition called gastroschisis (where abdomen has failed to close at embryonic stage so bowels outside abdomen) at birth she required a £6000 operation to correct the abnormality. The cost is far beyond the means of her parents and so, via MI’s Burundi partners, they sought the help Mission International. A fund has now been set up to help Miracle’s parents meet the cost. Please consider supporting this lovely couple and their little ‘Miracle’!

Baby Miracle on arrival to this world.
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Baby Miracle Operation

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