Without water life is impossible:
The provision of clean, safe water makes the difference between life and death for many.  Many communities in the developing world are forced to draw water from polluted and infected water supplies.   Mission International can, for as little as £1500 provide a simple well in a community that are seeing their children die due to the consumption of polluted water.

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Just Water:

There is something unfair and unjust in our world when so many people around the world cannot have clean water to drink.  Mission International wants to bring an element of Justice to this unfair situation.   Just Water is a means of providing clean, safe and plentiful water to those in our world who do not have it.

We live in a part of the world where water is taken for granted, however this is not the case for so many.   The problem is often that there is no water, often it is but a few metres away,  but that the means of accessing it is beyond the simple, poor communities who suffer in this way.   The cost of accessing water can be as little a £1500 and yet it is impossible for a poor community to access it.

The benefits of having water are many fold:

  1. Health improvements,
    • Blood disorders reduced when vegetables are grown.
    • Injuries and strains are reduced.
  2. Hygiene is improved where both children and adults can wash hands and clean toilets.
    • Sickness leading to time off work/school
  3. Cleanliness improved over all where clothes and bedding can be washed.
    • Insect infestations
    • Skin disorders
  4. Animals have improved productivity and production.
  5. Time to spend working for the benefit of the family is increased.

Water projects completed:

  1. Rakai Uganda (x1)
  2. Toowa Uganda (x1)
  3. Arua Uganda (x1)
  4. Chikwawa Malawi (x1)
  5. Kandaria Kenya (x1)
  6. Olooltoto Kenya (x1)
  7. Nyembuye Burundi (Phase 1)
  8. Nyembuye Burundi (Phase 2)
  9. Nyembuye Burundi (Phase 3)
  10. Myanmar – homestead water supply (x2)
  11. Tanzania – rural village water wells (x 4)

Projects seeking funding:

  1. Migowi Malawi – £5000
  2. Nyembuye Burundi (Phase 4) £22,000
  3. Water projects in India £1000 each
  4. Water projects in Myanmar £500 each
  5. Water wells for rural Tanzania £3300 each
  6. Water projects in Nyang’ande Kenya £20,000 (Under construction Funding completed)

Water Projects – Rural Tanzania:

A series of very remote villages have requested a water well, and so, via the MI partner in Tanzania, funds have been sent to install the first four of the wells.  It is our hope that further funding can be identified to drill more wells in the near future.

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Arua Uganda:

Costing £6000, this water project was completed by Menzieshill High School, Dundee, Scotland pupils (School now closed) and staff during their time on a Mission International team.

This water project in Chikwawa, Malawi: 

Costing £2500 this project has brought clean water to a large number of families:

Clean water 1-001

A project in Nyembuye Burundi:

Costing £15,000, provides water for a large community, a medical centre, an ante-natal hospital, a school and an agriculture project. Further additional projects here have brought water to surrounding villages and to local schools (Schools which have ‘running water’ can also receive free lunches for the children provided by the World Food Programme.

Water point at the clinic site001-1
Nyembuye Burundi:

Costing £5000, the whole of the local community benefit from this water project:

Water point at the clinic site

This well is being dug to provide clean, safe water for a rural Ugandan School.
Water now flowing at Toowa School, Uganda.

Myanmar Homestead Water Supplies: