EAR (Anglican Church of Rwanda) in Cyangugu Diocese, situated in the environs of Kamembe town in the south west part of Rwanda, is where Mission International serves with a team led by Bishop Nathan Amooti Rusengo.   Many effective projects are in operation here and yet there is much more to be done for those in great need in this remote area of the country.




Child feeding programme:

One of the islands in Lake Kivu is Iswa Island.   There large numbers of children struggle to have a balanced diet since the main industry is fishing and due to illiteracy parents do no know how to prepare a balanced diet for their children.   Mission International is partnering with EAR to provide food for these very needy children.   To support the Child Feeding Programme in Rwanda please donate to Mission International’s Mighty Meals.

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Agriculture projects:

Mission International is working with the Cyangugu diocese to develop a sustainable agriculture project which will bring help to a growing population.

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Due to political unrest in DR Congo Rwanda can quickly become home to thousands of refugees.   These people are often in the greatest of need and due to their refugee status find themselves in limbo in a foreign land.