Having historically suffered greatly from the effects of poverty, the people of Malawi have shown themselves to be resilient and strong, making attempts to strengthen their lives, families and communities wherever possible even with the many constraints upon them. In recent times however severe flooding, storms and other environmental challenges like drought, have caused even more suffering across the nation.

The Migowi Skills Centre was funded by Mission International in a bid to help local people share skills and provide the unskilled with a means of income.

Working in Partnership:

Mission International partners in Malawi seek to find new and innovative ways to help those in great need to have a means to meet their needs and those of the community around them. Rural towns like Migowi have many unskilled people who, through no fault of their own, have been unable to attend school or further education. The Migowi Skills Centre is a lifeline for such people, especially those with disabilities, to find ways of raising an income for themselves and their families.

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Skills On Offer:

Some of the skills delivered at the Migowi Skills Centre.

Hope Returns:

With support this well run skills centre will be able to develop skills training in a wide range of new skills which will help local people to make a living for themselves, giving hope and self respect back to many who feel lost and hopeless.

The Migowi Skills Centre would like to add many more skills to its portfolio.

DAM Bakery Project:

Part of the Migowi Skills Centre is the DAM bakery project.
The DAM Bakery Project provides work, training and product for the community.

Water for Migowi:

One of the on-going problems that those who are part of the Migowi Skills Centre face is the lack of clean, safe water. Due to lack of regular maintenance the Migowi community wells are now out of order and residents have to walk long distances to collect water which is so crucial for life and health. The Migowi Skills Centre water project will cost £5000 to install, providing water, not only for the centre but for the whole community.

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Mission International has already installed water in Malawi. We would now like to help Migowi Skills Centre get water.

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Migowi Skills Centre Water Project

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