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Poor families in the developing world benefit greatly from the provision of farm animals in many ways.

The animals provided are a lifeline since, as numbers in the flock or herd increase, they can provide a source of food, or can be like a bank account that can be sold to realise funds for medical expenses or school fees.

Mission International Kenya partner delivers goats provided for a Maasai widow and her children.
Goats supplied where a father and husband lost part of his hand in an accident and could not continue his farming work. The goats provide an income and lighter work for him and his family.

Milk is a very nutritious substance bringing a vital part of a healthy diet to growing children. Cows browsing on rural pastures can provide milk for the home and for sale, bringing much needed income to a poor family.

Click here to donate to the Farm Animals project.

The provision of animals:


A local indigenous breed costs £250

A western breed crossed with a local breed costs £750


Goats cost £40/head


Pigs cost £40/head


Chickens cost £5/per head.