Our commitments:

Both women and men with their different interests, needs and attitudes should be able to benefit from, and participate in, the activities of Mission International and our partners. Our aim is to help eliminate disparities based on inequality. We aim to recognise the gifts and attributes that women and men have to offer, to look for ways of promoting equality and acting on our understanding and awareness in human development. We are therefore committed to promoting equality across all our work:

Overseas: We will develop positive action to promote full participation of women and men in our overseas programmes, in such a way that people are empowered equally. Mission International will seek to promote equality across our programmes.

At home: We will ensure that all communications, educational and promotional work carried out by us and our associates incorporates Mission International’s own critical awareness of equality issues. The importance of equality will be a consistent message in all these communications.

Within Mission International: In the context of equal opportunities, we will strive for equality in our recruitment, training and skills development practices and will promote equality awareness in our strategic planning and decision making processes. We strive to build awareness and equality in our management, organisation, committee structures, and everyday working practices. Mission International is committed to Equal Opportunities in a way which seeks to ensure that no applicant or employee receives differential treatment on any grounds.