Current Homes Projects 2020:


Malawi has experienced a severe cyclone recently and as a result many people have seen their homes destroyed by the winds and heavy rains. To build a small brick walls and iron sheet roof house in Malawi costs £1200. Our target is to build 10 homes with a total cost of £12,000. To support this project please donate on the house image below. All donations welcome!

Cyclone damaged house in Malawi.


The residents of Kandaria Village in Kenya were evacuated after a once in 100 years flood destroyed their homes. These families are subsistence farmers and so not only did they lose their homes but also their incomes from the land where they farmed animals and crops. A simple home in Kandaria costs £500 to build. If you can help then please donate on-line by clicking on the house image below. All donations welcome!

Emergency Home support:

A home is more than a just a house.   It is a place of belonging, a place of safety, a place of rest and much much more.   Providing a home for a family will allow them to put down roots and become secure as they strive to survive in a very hostile world.

A simple home can be constructed for a few hundred pounds allowing a family a place to start and to build from.   More substantial long-term homes cost a few thousand pounds to build and will provide security and stability that family life requires.

broken home

A home destroyed by storms and flooding leaves people vulnerable:

refugee homes-001

Refugee returnee shelters where many families huddle and where disease is rife – this is no place to bring up a family:

house hope centre

A home built by Mission International to accommodate the needy: