Get Involved:


o Consider being part of a Mission International team where you can share your

experience, gifts and skills with those who would benefit. Yu will also gain a

lot from the experience of sharing with others.

o Volunteers are always required to serve with Mission International at home

and abroad, please consider giving time to serve with us.

o Someone once said “If you can’t go then send a substitute”, so if you can’t go

yourself then you may be able to help someone else fulfil their calling by

supporting their trip. You may also like to consider financially supporting one

of our projects or help cover some of the running costs of Mission



o Focussed fundraising activities in your area will bring about lasting change for

needy communities, families and individuals in the developing world.

o We depend on the generosity of our donors in the UK to make our work,

amongst some of the world’s poorest people, possible. Your generosity makes

a huge difference in their lives and for that we, and they, are very grateful.


o We believe that God hears our prayers as we seek to fulfil his call to serve.

Faithful prayer support is of great value to us


o Please consider becoming a Mission International volunteer.