The remote village of Kandaria lies on the shores of Lake Victoria in western Kenya near to the city of Kisumu. This fishing village also supports its growing population with rice growing, animal production and other agricultural enterprises. Kandaria is, by anyone’s standards, very poor.

The village of Kandaria, Kenya.

A Pastor’s Vision:

Some years ago a local pastor contacted Mission International to seek help to develop a local secondary school in support of the many children in the area who, once finished primary school, were unable to afford a secondary school education. With help from our many donors such as Menzieshill High School (now closed) and Women for Mission the school has now many well appointed facilities and a growing and developing campus.

Kandaria Secondary School’s Growing Campus.

Great Achievements:

The school now boasts a wide range of large classrooms, and assembly hall, blocks of toilets for boys, girls and staff, a large kitchen, a computer lab and computers and a water supply to kitchens and toilets. Some staff accommodation has also been built for staff who live some distance from the school. The developments at Kandaria now mean that pupils from the local primary school have a place to attend secondary and the whole region has its own secondary school for children who have attended other primary schools. The school has grown dramatically, however the academic standards have also been raised with all children now passing their national assessments.

The water tanks at Kandaria Secondary School.

Future Plans:

Due to the improved educational standards and high level of facilities the school is now in high demand in the area. The current classrooms are now full, one of which is currently being used as a staffroom and office for the staff. It is planned that a proper, purpose built, administration block will be constructed on the campus in order that classroom space can be freed up. More classrooms will be necessary too and, so that pupils from distant villages can stay on site during term time, a dormitory building will also be necessary.

Cost to Build:

The estimated cost for the required construction is as follows:

  • 1 x 2 classroom/lab unit £15,000 (More required as the school grows)
  • 1 x Administration block £20,000
  • 1 x Dormitory building £25,000 (2 required – 1 for girls, 1 for boys)