The BIG meal will be served via Mission International partners, in 14 different countries as follows on Christmas Day 2016.


We are now raising funds for the BIG meal 2016 to support needy children in 14 countries:

to give on-line click here:

  1. Burundi
  2. DR Congo
  3. Ghana
  4. Haiti
  5. India
  6. Kenya x 3 locations
  7. Malawi x 3 locations
  8. Myanmar (Burma)
  9. Pakistan
  10. Peru
  11. The Philippines
  12. Rwanda
  13. Tanzania x 2 locations
  14. Uganda

Can you help?

Any help you can give in helping us raise the profile of the BIG meal and in fundraising would be very much appreciated, not only by Mission International but especially by those who benefit from your help, the needy children of the developing world.

Thank you for supporting the BIG meal!