Team Profiles:  Since Mission International began in 2006 it has been our policy to deploy teams in support of needy communities in the developing world.   Due to the wide range of needs we encounter it has been necessary to develop different types of team to interface with the need on the ground during deployment.   The following profiles will indicate what a team will be involved in, this of course can change and is not fixed so please get in touch if you have further questions regarding your particular area of interest.

Mission Teams:

  • Mission teams are involved in sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with individuals, families and communities during deployment.   Our partner churches and organisations plan with us to reach those that they already have links with.  Team members will be involved in one or more of the following activities:
    • Preaching
    • Testimony
    • Singing
    • Drama
    • Children’s ministry
    • Sports
    • Practical project activities

Mission Medics Teams:

  • As the name suggests Mission Medics teams are for those who are experiences, skilled and qualified in an area of medicine, nursing, community health education or dentistry.   Teams are also keen to recruit Medical students involved in their medical electives as well as hard working individuals with no medical experience who are willing to join in and help in any way necessary.
  • There is also a ‘mission’ element to our Mission Medics teams.   Opportunities for team members to share their faith and get involved in church services and activities during deployment is welcomed.
  • A more detailed list of personnel required is available on our Mission Medics page.

Preaching/Teaching Teams:

  • Many pastors and church leaders in the developing world do not have the opportunity to attend any formal education or training.   This means that their knowledge and skills are often in need of support and encouragement.  Our Preaching/teaching teams make it their purpose to develop and deliver material which is suitable for such personnel with the aim of making them more able and informed in the delivery of their work and ministry within the church.
    • Discipleship training.
    • Biblical teaching.
    • Discussion and Q & A forums.

Construction Teams:

  • There are many needs in terms of construction.   Team members will be involved in a pre-planned construction project or may be involved in sharing some basic trade skills with the community in which they are deployed.
  • Some project fundraising may be necessary before deployment to raise project funding.
  • Team members should consider carrying gathered tools to donate to help the community into the future.

Schools Teams:

  • Fifth and sixth year secondary school pupils and their teachers travel to a pre-arranged partner destination to be involved in a community project, very often school based.
  • Team members will help raise funds in advance of their trip and will have hands on experience and involvement with the project during their deployment.
  • Mission International partner organisations are predominantly Christian and so team members should be sensitive to and be happy to be involved in a Church-based deployment.
  • The teams endeavour to fulfil elements of the Global Citizenship parts of the school curriculum during their preparation and during their deployment.