Mission Medics:
Mission Medics teams are deployed to needy areas of the developing world to bring much needed assistance to the sick as well as to provide health education and training to local people.

Mission Medics wishes to present a holistic approach to medicine. We believe that a person is not just the body but that the whole person includes the soul as well. With this in mind Mission Medics seeks to offer health to a person in both body and soul. Those wishing to take part in a Mission Medics team should be prepared to share the Good News about Jesus Christ as well as deliver their God given skills in their part of medicine or support.



Personnel required:

+ Doctors
+ Medical students (See Medical Electives page)
+ Electives (See Medical Electives page)
+ Dentists
+ Hygienists
+ Ophthalmologists
+ Midwives
+ Nurses
+ Laboratory personnel
+ Educationalists
+ Technicians
+ Support Staff

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The David Jack Medical Care Fund:

David Jack was a young medical student who was instrumental in setting up Mission Medics. Sadly David died suddenly in August 2011 after which his parents set up the David Jack Medical Care Fund which is hosted by Mission International. The fund is used to support those in need of medical care in the developing world. If you would like to support the David Jack Medical Care Fund please use the ‘Donate Now’ button on the right of this page and search for the ‘David Jack Medical Care Fund’ option.