Mission International’s policy is to support partner organisations to achieve their aims and goals within their own country and community.  The projects which we support are developed by our partners in-country and in this way we believe that we allow for local needs to be met by local people for local people.



The Hope Centre Burundi:

  • Medical Centre and dispensary:
  • Skills Centre and trade school:
  • Child and student sponsorship programme

The sewing Project:

  • Providing skills training and sewing machines for small business enterprise

Micro-finance projects:

  • A series of small income generating projects for needy families.


Word International Ministries:

  • Medical centre and dispensary:
  • Primary and Secondary school:
  • Child sponsorship programme
  • Micro-finance projects


  • School, Church and community centre
  • Child and student sponsorship programme
  • Micro-finance projects


India Village Ministries (IVM):

  • Construction of an orphan boys accommodation block in Andhra Pradesh


People for Jesus Ministry:

  • Child and student sponsorship programme
  • Micro-finance projects
  • School building and resourcing
  • Irrigation agriculture project


Glory of God in Jesus Ministries:

  • Water projects for remote villages
  • Church building projects


EAR Cyangugu Diocese

  • Child feeding programme (Mighty Meals)
  • Farm Agriculture project


  • Quinua medical centre


The Free Methodist Church in Tanzania (FMCT)

  • Water wells for remote villages


Arua Community Church and School:

  • Building a toilet block for Arua Community church school

Bweyogerere Multi-Purpose Primary School:

  • Child feeding programme (Mighty Meals)

Africa Renewal Ministries:

  • Child and student sponsorship programme