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A late lunch (3pm) of curried vegetables was followed by a trip to town to try to find some bits and pieces for our time in Kisumu. We hope to show the Jesus Film there however Pastpr Tom does not have an adaptor jack to take the earphone socket on the laptop to the jack on the PA system. After a few visits to shops we came across one of these shops every town should have. This guy had a tin of just about everything, including the jack adaptor/converter we were seeking. The price was 150 KES (Just between £1 & £1.50 depending on the exchange rate). We bought it and Pastor Tom said “that’s your problem solved” and I replied, “its not my problem, its your problem”… the shopkeeper laughed involuntarily!

The next stop was the supermarket. (there is a new mall being build in Narok and this supermarket owner has increased the space in his shop by opening an upstairs floor). In a supermarket with Pastor Tom is an experience, first he cant make up his mind whether he wants a trolley or a basket, he chooses the basket then grabs a trolley and puts the basket in it, muttering something about buying the whole shop, then he dumps the basket in another trolley and proceeds with the trolley and no basket, all in the space of about 10 steps. We were searching the upstairs of the supermarket, the household goods and clothes section and stopped to ask a couple of staff lads a question. They were sold out of the item and quipped “maybe next time”. Unusually I stopped and said “maybe there wont be a next time” and followed that with “have you heard the Gospel, the Gospel tells us ‘behold now is the accepted time’” there followed a short exchange in terms of what this meant in terms of their own salvation and the fact that Jesus could come back tonight. Just then a box fell from a high up shelf and hit one of the lads square on the head. He was unharmed but was visibly shocked thinking I had something to do with it. I said, perhaps its time you guys went to visit the pastor to make sure you are ready if just in case Jesus returns tonight. We picked up some groceries and the like, then back in a taxi to home.