Mighty Meals:

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Mighty Meals has been established in order to help needy children in the developing world to remain at school thereby accessing education and reaching their full potential. Many children can attend school, but due to hunger find it difficult to concentrate and gain the maximum out of their classes.

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£10 per child per year:

For £10 per child per year, Mighty Meals provides a meal every day that a child is at school thus helping them to focus on their education and achieve their best. Hunger pangs which distract attention for school work are quelled as a nice meal is provided so that the children can concentrate. Further to this the nutritious food allows for healthy growth in the child making sure sickness also is kept at bay.

Increasing their options:

Many children who have lost their parents live with aged grandparents, or become part of large related families, are required to carry water for long distances or have other heavy chores to do, instead of going to school. The idea that they should be sent to school with a packed lunch or with money to buy lunch is just not an option due to the lack of family income. Mighty Meals can provide the right option making it possible for at least some of the children from these families to go to school. Their education makes the difference for the future. Someone with a school education can make their way in the world and bring financial and other types of support to the rest of the family. Their education can make the difference between living in a poverty stricken village with no hope and getting a job where a decent income can be generated for the whole family. Your annual or one off £10 donation (or £10/month to feed 12 children per year) will provide a simple but nourishing meal every day a child goes to school for a year.

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Your help:

If you would like to make a one-off donation to help Mighty Meals provide a daily meal for a child in the developing world, please click on the ‘Donate Now’ button on the right of this page and search for the specific Mighty Meals’ option where you will find detailed instructions on supporting a hungry child on a one-off and on a regular basis.


Providing a meal:

For about £1 per child per month Mission International’s Mighty Meals programme can provide a meal for a child – donate here.

Nkombo kids

The children gather for their meal.

Nkombo mighty meals

The food is ready to eat.

Help Feed Enslaved families:

Mission International partners in Pakistan are helping 189 families that have become enslaved to brick factory owners in a bid to pay of debts to loan sharks, incurred due to medical fees and other such loans.  The unscrupulous brick factory owners enforce hard labour with no pay.   The only recompense is poor quality bread and unsafe water.   Mission International is seeking to help such families by providing  food parcels through the Mighty Meals programme.

Food parcels cost £15 per month, giving the family nutritious meals to help them cope with their work in the hot sun and to make sure children grow up healthy and strong.

To extend help to these needy enslaved families you can donate online here.

OR: find further ways to give on the Mission International giving page here.