Welcome!   Mission International provides support to needy children, families and communities in the developing world.   Large parts of Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Latin America are locked in poverty with no chance of escape.   A ‘hand up’ rather than a ‘hand out’ denotes the philosophy of support given through all of our projects.


Mission International sponsorship is designed to include a wide range of small, medium and large projects.  This sponsorship initiative provides a means of bringing support to a broad range of people in very different situations that are linked by poverty and need. From child, student and family sponsorship to small project sponsorship you can help alleviate the need and provide a means to break out of the poverty trap and make the future more promising to those in need.

Many children require sponsorship support to provide food, clothes, shelter and of course education.  These children, many orphaned or abandoned, are now being cared for and are going to school.


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Mission International has developed partnership programmes of support with local indigenous partner organisations that provide recipients with dignity and self-respect and offer the help and support that is necessary to bring about the kind of sustainable change that will bring long-term benefits to individuals, families and whole communities.

This Maasai girl was sponsored to follow a medical course of study.   After graduation she is able to support herself and her family.

maasai girl


How can you help?

  • Sponsor a child – £20/month
  • Sponsor a student – £1500 for a university year (or a contribution towards this amount).
  • Sponsor a pastor and his family – £30/month
  • Provide financial help for a micro-finance project – from £50- £1000

You may not be able to fully sponsor someone or support a project alone, however your contribution, no matter how large or small, will make a difference.  We will draw your support together with others to complete the amount necessary.

Sponsorship Programmes:

Sponsorship programmes are currently in operation in the following countries:

  • Uganda
  • Kenya
  • Ghana
  • Haiti

This Malawian pastor serves in very poor circumstances.  He continues on even though he has little support.  Sponsoring him would release him to continue the vital work that he does in his community and beyond.

 Ps Elton @ the church shelter


Mission International also offers church partnership opportunities where UK churches can parter with those in the developing world.

To sponsor someone or to make a donation please visit our Donate Now link on the right of this page.

Further information on other ways to give can be found on the Give page under Get Involved.

If you have any questions on sponsorship or any other Mission International matter please send a message via our Contact Us page.