The harsh reality of life in India means that there are many millions who struggle to survive day by day. As a result of this great struggle for life Mission International India partner AGWA is faced with the rescue of many children who need care after having been, for a wide range of reasons, separated or rejected and abandoned by their parents or have somehow become orphaned and fatherless.

Some of the children enjoying their new lives in the care of the staff at AGWA.

Rescuing Children:

Children are separated from their parents for many different reasons in India. Some just because they are girls; some due to the death of their parents; some are abandoned due to poverty. AGWA seeks to provide not just the basics, but a wonderful new life for children who come into their care.

Little girls are often seen as some sort of curse on the family and so they are disposed of quickly and quietly, often to their death. AGWA seeks to rescue and secure a good future for those for whom they have responsibility.

Feeding Children:

Feeding hungry children is a great challenge and so AGWA seeks help from others who can fund the support of needy children for whom they have responsibility. Mission International’s Mighty Meals can help these children have a nourishing meal every day.

Click on this link to provide meals for hungry children in India.
Children at AGWA having their meals.

Water Project:

AGWA now requires an on-site water supply to provide clean safe and abundant water to the many children they care for. Water currently available off-site is ‘salty’ and really unsuitable for human consumption. This project will provide a borehole to be drilled into an underground water supply where fresh, clean and safe water can be pumped into tanks for use by the school and the orphan home. The project will cost around £2000 and will greatly improve the health and hygiene facilities for staff and children.

Please click on this link to donate to the AGWA water Project.