Mission International’s policy is to support partner organisations to achieve their aims and goals within their own country and community. ┬áThe projects which we support are developed by our partners in-country and in this way we believe that we allow for local needs to be met by local people for local people.



The Hope Centre Burundi:

  • Medical Centre and dispensary:
  • Skills Centre and trade school:
  • Child and student sponsorship programme

The sewing Project:

  • Providing skills training and sewing machines for small business enterprise

Micro-finance projects:

  • A series of small income generating projects for needy families.


Word International Ministries:

  • Medical centre and dispensary:
  • Primary and Secondary school:
  • Child sponsorship programme
  • Micro-finance projects


  • School, Church and community centre
  • Child and student sponsorship programme
  • Micro-finance projects


India Village Ministries (IVM):

  • Construction of an orphan boys accommodation block in Andhra Pradesh


People for Jesus Ministry:

  • Child and student sponsorship programme
  • Micro-finance projects
  • School building and resourcing
  • Irrigation agriculture project


Glory of God in Jesus Ministries:

  • Water projects for remote villages
  • Church building projects


EAR Cyangugu Diocese

  • Child feeding programme (Mighty Meals)
  • Farm Agriculture project


  • Quinua medical centre


The Free Methodist Church in Tanzania (FMCT)

  • Water wells for remote villages


Arua Community Church and School:

  • Building a toilet block for Arua Community church school

Bweyogerere Multi-Purpose Primary School:

  • Child feeding programme (Mighty Meals)

Africa Renewal Ministries:

  • Child and student sponsorship programme